King Candy, formerly known as Turbo, is the primary antagonist of Wreck-It Ralph. Formerly the star of an arcade game called TurboTime, Turbo inadvertently got his game unplugged and later took over a candy-coated racing game Sugar Rush. He is voiced by Alan Tudyk.


When the arcade first opened, TurboTime, a racing game, was the most popular, and the game's star, Turbo, loved the attention and fame. However, a new racing game by the name of RoadBlasters was plugged in and stole Turbo's fame, sparking an intense jealousy in the racer. After growing dissatisfied with his loss of popularity, Turbo abandoned his game and attempted to take over RoadBlasters. Unfortunately, this resulted in the unplugging of both games. Unbeknownst to anyone in the arcade, Turbo escaped before either games were unplugged and remained hidden until a new sugar-coated racing game, Sugar Rush, was plugged in. Turbo invaded Sugar Rush and turned himself into King Candy, with the help of Princess Vanellope's adviser, Sour Bill. He then began tampering with the game's codes and tried to delete Vanellope's code, but only succeeded in turning her into a glitch. King Candy then locked up everyone's memories of Vanellope ever being princess, and all they knew about her was that she was a programming mistake, leaving King Candy free to rule the game. However, if Vanellope ever crosses the finish line, the game would reset and Vanellope would be restored to her status as princess, leading King Candy to do whatever he could to keep her from entering any of the races.


Wreck-It RalphEdit


King Candy and Sour Bill at the ceremony

King Candy first appears hosting the Random Roster ceremony, where the racers pay their fees for the upcoming Random Roster Race to determine the game's avatars. However, during the ceremony, Vanellope, using Ralph's medal, manages to put herself on the board, but is discovered in the process. King Candy orders security to apprehend her, but a taffy-covered Ralph appears, causing a riot and giving Vanellope the chance to escape. Ralph is captured in her place and brought to King Candy's castle, where he orders Ralph to leave Sugar Rush or he will be thrown in the fungeon. However, unbeknownst to King Candy, Ralph escapes and forms a partnership with Vanellope.

Ralph and Vanellope break into King Candy's kart bakery and build a kart after her original one is destroyed by the Sugar Rush Racers, but King Candy is alerted to the situation and immediately arrives in the factory with security to arrest the two. After Vanellope reveals she doesn't know how to drive, Ralph opts to steer the kart by hand, but are chased by King Candy. Ralph and Vanellope finally manage to escape when Vanellope directs Ralph to her Diet Cola volcano, where they pass through a secret entrance. A bewildered King Candy angrily orders his guards, Wynchel and Duncan, to find Vanellope and destroy her kart to keep here from racing.

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King Candy returning Ralph's medal

Alas, security is unable to find Vanellope or Ralph. King Candy, growing desperate, disobeys arcade laws and enters the code room and receives Ralph's medal. Putting Sour Bill in charge of the kingdom while he is gone, King Candy returns to Diet Cola volcano, where Ralph attacks him out of anger. King Candy, however, returns Ralph's medal and fabricates a lie, stating that if Vanellope were to race, her glitching would cause gamers to believe the game is damaged, getting it unplugged, and since Vanellope is a glitch, she cannot leave and will die with the game. Ralph believes King Candy and reluctantly destroys the kart he and Vanellope made and returns to Fix-It Felix, Jr., while Vanellope is imprisoned in the fungeon.

However, Ralph discovers Vanellope's pictures on the side of the game console, and discovers King Candy's lie. Returning to Sugar Rush, he captures Sour Bill and tortures him into revealing King Candy tried to delete Vanellope's code and is keeping her from racing because her crossing the finish line would reset the game. Ralph breaks Fix-It Felix, Jr. out of the fungeon, and convinces him to fix Vanellope's kart, and then breaks Vanellope out of the fungeon and reveals to her that she must cross the finish line to reset the game.


Turbo's true form revealed

At the same time, the Random Roster Race starts, and King Candy quickly gets into first place after disabling three other racers with Sweet Seekers. However, Vanellope enters the race soon after and after evading the other racers, she catches up to King Candy in Frosty Rally, much to his shock. Desperately, King Candy follows Vanellope into a cave, where he rams into her and then attacks her with a candy cane. Vanellope, however, grabs onto the cane and starts glitching out of fear, with interferes with King Candy's code and reveals himself as Turbo, which is seen by Ralph and Felix on the jumbotron.

Enraged, Turbo reveals he reprogrammed Sugar Rush and rams into Vanellope's kart, trying to ram her into a stalagmite. Thinking quickly, Vanellope glitches ahead of King Candy and exits the cave triumphantly. Turbo panics and tries to follow Vanellope out of the cave, but a swarm of Cy-Bugs attack Sugar Rush and one of them devours Turbo. With Turbo temporarily dealt with, Vanellope tries to drive over the finish line, but the Cy-Bugs destroy her kart and ravage the finish line, forcing Ralph, Vanellope, and Felix to retreat. However, Vanellope still can't exit Sugar Rush due to being a glitch.


Cy-Bug King Candy flying to his death

Ralph is given the idea to erupt Diet Cola volcano, and uses Sergeant Calhoun's hoverboard to fly towards the volcano. Ralph tries to bash the mentos into the volcano, but he is attacked by Turbo, who has assimilated into a Cy-Bug. Turbo reveals his plan to take over the entire arcade, and viciously attacks Ralph. Turbo quickly subdues Ralph and flies int the air with him in his grasp, where he tries to force him to watch Vanellope get killed by the swarm. Fortunately, Ralph breaks free of Turbo's grasp and plummets towards the volcano, erupting it. While Ralph is rescued by Vanellope, the Cy-Bugs mindlessly fly into the volcano and are destroyed. Turbo tries to resist, but his Cy-Bug programming overpowers him and he, too, flies to his death into the volcano.