Taffyta Muttonfudge is a minor antagonist in Wreck-It Ralph. She is a racer from the arcade game Sugar Rush and its best racer, along with King Candy. Due to her status, Taffyta acts as the leader of the other racers and is the nemesis of Vanellope von Schweetz the glitch living in the game. Taffyta is voiced by Mindy Kaling.


Since Taffyta is the second best racer in Sugar Rush, she has become rather arrogant and prideful. Egotistical, rude, and whiny, Taffyta has the worst attitude of all of the Sugar Rush Racers, save for King Candy. Despite this, she is smart enough to be win several races and has enough intelligence managed to lead the other racers. Taffyta is also manipulative, as one of the racers, Candlehead, mentions to Vanellope that the only reason she bullies her is because Taffyta told her to. Taffyta occasionally cries when things don't go as planned, such as when she is knocked off the racing track.

Taffyta bullies Vanellope to the point of destroying her racing kart, and teases Rancis for never winning a race in the tie-in book, One Sweet Race. The only person Taffyta actually seems to respect is King Candy. She is loyal enough to him as to follow Vanellope and destroy her kart. Taffyta proves that she is very competent, even moreso than King Candy`s security. She is one of the best racers and if it hadn`t been for Ralph, she would have succeeded in keeping Vanellope from entering the race. Taffyta also seems to possess some physical strength, at least by Sugar Rush`s standards, shown when she shoves Vanellope off her feet at one point.


Wreck-It RalphEdit

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Taffyta and the other racers at the Random Roster ceremony

Taffyta first appears when Ralph crashes into Sugar Rush and he sees her and multiple other racers racing each other. After the arcade closes, the racers stop at the ceremony for the Random Roster Race, and Taffyta is the last to join the other racers. During the ceremony, King Candy pops out to tell the racers that to be in the next Random Roster Race, they must deposit one gold coin from their previous winnings. All the racers have coins, and Taffyta is the first to pay her fee after King Candy. The ceremony is ruined, however, when both Ralph and Vanellope show up. Vanellope manages to deposit Ralph's medal and escapes in her small kart as Ralph is captured by security. Since the security cannot go after Vanellope, Taffyta decides to deal with the glitch herself, but brings the other racers to aid her.

It doesn't take long for Taffyta to find Vanellope in the junkyard, where she is fixing her kart. Vanellope tries to befriend Taffyta by impressing her with the kart, but she fails to and Taffyta orders Vanellope to drop out of the race, since King Candy proclaimed glitches aren't allowed to participate. Vanellope refuses and justifies her actions by claiming she paid her fee. Having failed to convince her to drop out, Taffyta rips the steering wheel from the kart. The other racers join her in destroying Vanellope's kart. Vanellope attempts to stop them but is unsuccessful. She eventually does manage to drag Taffyta away from the kart, but the racer responds by shoving Vanellope into a mud puddle. An escaped Ralph witnesses this and angrily charges at the racers, scaring them and Taffyta away.

Sugar Rush Racers

Taffyta's breakdown upon discovering that Vanellope is princess

Taffyta later participates in the Random Roster Race and easily comes into second place. However, Vanellope, in a new kart, manages to catch up to her and the other racers. Taffyta orders Candlehead to light up the cherry bombs to throw Vanellope off trak, but she instead glitches in front of her, Candlehead, and Rancis, causing them to drop from a huge cannon and fall into a giant ice cream sundae. Taffyta and the other residents of Sugar Rush evacuate when a swarm of Cy-Bugs attack Sugar Rush, and King Candy is devoured by one of the attacking Cy-Bugs.  After the swarm is destroyed, Taffyta and the others return just as Vanellope crosses the finish line and is restored to her status as princess. Taffyta is the first to apologize for her actions and Vanellope decrees the racers will be executed, much to their horror, but Vanellope reveals to simply be joking and befriend them. Taffyta is later invited to Felix and Calhoun's wedding.

One Sweet RaceEdit

Taffyta plays a major role in the tie-in book, One Sweet Race. Taffyta is one of the better racers and has won several Sugar Rush Cups for winning a race. Rancis Fluggerbutter has never been able to achieve one, earning him the ridicule of Taffyta and the other racers. After becoming fed up with this, Rancis sells all of his possessions for a giant kart. Taffyta is genuinely interested in the large kart, but Rancis ends up losing control and crashes it, resulting in more ridicule from the other racers. Rancis later builts a new kart with help from Vanellope and names it RV1 after the two of them. When he enter it into the race, Taffyta and the other racers mocks its bizarre appearance. However, the RV1 quickly passes several of the racers, and manages to spill Fluggerbutter Oil on the road, causing Taffyta's kart to spin out and crash. Rancis wins the race and manages to earn his first Sugar Rush Cup.