Vanellope von Schweetz
Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programmes
Video games Wreck-It Ralph
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Sarah Silverman
Performance model
Character information
Other names The Glitch, Princess Vanellope, President Vanellope von Schweetz
Personality Bratty, rude, smart, energetic, tomboyish, cute, beautiful
Appearance Small, slender, fair skin, hazel eyes, black hair in ponytail
Occupation Glitch, president of Sugar Rush
Affiliations Good
Goal Become a racer in Sugar Rush
Home Sugar Rush
Allies Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Jr., Sergeant Calhoun, Rancis Fluggerbutter
Enemies King Candy, Sour Bill, Cy-Bugs, Taffyta Muttonfudge
Likes Candy, karts, racing
Dislikes Bullying
Powers and abilities Teleportation
Fate Becomes president of Sugar Rush
Quote "Sweet mother of monkey milk!"

Vanellope von Schweetz is the cute and tomboyishly beautiful deuteragonist of the 2012 animated film, Wreck-It Ralph. She is voiced by Sarah Silverman.

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